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Cotton is infested by a host of pests, including boll worms, leaf rollers, leaf miners, cotton stainers, etc.

- Use appropriate insecticides and application equipment to control insect pests in cotton

- Spraying should commence at square formation (about 8 weeks after sowing) and continue at two weeks interval until bolls opening

-  about 2-4 times sprays may be required before picking, depending on pests severity

- Common insecticides in the market include: Dimethoate, Cypermethrin, Cymbush, Decis, Perfekthion, Lambdahalothrin (Karate), uppercott, etc, and their mixtures.

- Ensure proper sprayer calibration and apply at recommended rates

- Use high volume sprayers, eg. knapsack sprayer, etc.

-Use protective clothing and observe all precautionary measures during spraying.

- Alternatively, use pest resistant variety (Bt cotton is being considered in Nigeria)

- Observe close season

- practice crop rotation