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The National Cotton Association of Nigeria is an umbrella organization that brings together any Nigerian or group of Nigerians, Corporate bodies or organizations involved in the production, marketing, processing or exportation of cotton in Nigeria as well as textile manufacturing organizations.

The Association was registered under the companies and allied matters Decree NO. 1, 1990 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in September, 1997 with Registration NO. 10600.

The objectives of the association, amongst other, include the following: -

  1.  To bring together all those involved in the production, processing, marketing, trading, commercial and development of cotton in Nigeria;
  2. To promote and protect the agricultural, industrial, commercial and allied business activities in connection with cotton in Nigeria;
  3. To promote, maintain and enhance high quality standard of cotton;
  4. To encourage increased production of cotton in Nigeria;
  5. To promote export of cotton;
  6. To promote, affiliate and cooperate with other national and international associations involved in cotton;
  7. To ensure that there is sufficient good quality seed for prompt distribution to farmers each year in liaison with government and other interested bodies;
  8. To assist research organizations to replace seeds with improved variety;
  9. To promote cotton farmers’ welfare and ensure that seed cotton price meets the expectation of the cotton farmers.



Late Alhaji Magaji Mohammed: He was the first President of the Association.   A seasoned public administrator of repute.  He later became the Honorable Minister for Trade and Industry under the administration of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

  1. Late Alhaji Magaji Mohammed           President
  2. Late Alh. Abubakar Tinau Gusau        Member
  3. Alh. Musa Musawa                              Member
  4. Alh. Iro Danmusa                                 Member
  5. Alh. Magaji M. Ashafura                     Member
  6. Late Alh. Sule H/gada                          Member
  7. Alh. Sabo Mohammed                          Member
  8. Alh. Ajia Idris                                       Member
  9. Alh. Mahmuda Wappa                          Member
  10. Alh. Lawal Sarkin Noma                      Member
  11. Alh. Lawal Bawa                                  Member
  12. Alh. Bashir Aminu Waru                      Member
  13. Alh. Ibrahim Isa                                    Secretary


Late Alhaji Abubakar Tunau Gusau: was the former General Manager of the defunct Nigerian Cotton Board and a product of the Northern States Marketing Board (NSMB).

  1. Late Alhaji Abubakar Tunau Gusau     President
  1. Alh. Magaji M. Ashafura                      Member
  2. Musa Mamman Agom                          Member
  3. Alh. Lawal Bawa                                  Member
  4. Alh. Mukhtar Adamu                            Member
  5. Alh.  Garba Rikiji                                  Member
  6. Alh. Yusufu N. Marafan Gaya               Member
  7. Alh. Yusufu Bello                                   Member
  8. Alh. Aliyu K/Kalgo                                Member
  9. Alh. Moh’d Lawal Iro Magaji Malam    Member
  10. Alh. Iro Danmusa                                    Member
  11. Alh. Musa Ummaru                                 Member
  12. Alh. Ibrahim Isa                                      Secretary


Late Alhaji Danmaraya: was the third President whose tenure expired in July, 2010.  An Administrator and farmer of repute.


  1. Late Alhaji Aliyu Isa Danmaraya         President
  1. Alh. Musa Umaru                                 V. President
  2. Alh. Nura Ahmed                                 Publicity Sec.
  3. Alh. Hassan Buhari Tafida Maradun    Fin. Sec.
  4. Alh. Tijjani Ferobe                               Treasurer
  5. Alh. Lawal Bawa                                 Asst. Treasurer
  6. Alh. Hayatu Abubakar                         Legal Adviser
  7. Alh. Sani Haruna                                 Auditor
  8. Mr. Samuel Oloruntoba                       Asst. Sec.
  9. Ibrahim Isa                                          Secretary.


Alhaji Hamman Ali Kwajjafa: was the Chairman Care Taker Committee from July 2010 to December 2015 when the election that usher in the present Executive was held. He is currently the Director General of Nigerian Textile Manufacturers Association (NTMA)


  1. Alhaji Hamman Ali Kwajjafa      Chairman Care Taker Committee
  2. Alh. Sani Dahiru                                Member
  3. Alh. Ibrahim Isa                                 Member
  4. Alh. Sadiq Abubakar                         Member
  5. Alh. Abdullahi Kasali                        Member
  6. Mr. Benjamin Dugeri                         Member
  7. Mr. Samuel Oloruntoba                     Secretary


The present Executive council led by Mr. Anibe Achimigu came into office on first December, 2015 through election which was organized and supervised by Federation of Agricultural and Commodity Association of Nigeria (FACAN) held in the Federal Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment office, Abuja. On first December, 2015 for period of four years. The Executive Council Members were re-elected on

14th November, 2019 in Abuja during the Annual General Meeting of the Association.


  1. Mr. Anibe Achimugu                          -           President
  2. Alhaja Lola Adeoye-Kushimo               -        1st Vice President
  3. Alhaji Musa Yahaya Umar                  -           2nd Vice President
  4. Alhaji Munzali Dayyabu Taura            -          3rd Vice President
  5. Alhaji Baba Abubakar                        -           Financial Secretary
  6. Hon. Sadiq Abubakar                        -            Treasurer                             
  7. Alhaji Garba Muhammed Garga          -         Auditor                 
  8. Alhaji Abdullahi Kasali                        -         Publicity Secretary
  9. Mr. Victor Akubo                               -           Organizing Secretary
  10. Alhaji Hassan Buhari Tafidan Maradun -      General Secretary
  11. Alhaji Ibrahim Samari                         -         Assistant General Secretary
  12. Mr. Samuel Oloruntoba                      -          Ex – officio

    13. Barrister Joe Onyiuke                         -              Legal Advise

Aims & Objectives

  1. To bring together all parties the value chain members involved in the production, processing, marketing, trading, commerce in the cotton industry in Nigeria.
  2. To promote order and discipline in the production, trade, commerce in the cotton industry in Nigeria
  3. To promote and protect the agricultural, industrial, commercial and allied business activities in connection with cotton in Nigeria
  4. To promote, maintain and enhance the high-quality standard of cotton;
  5. To encourage increase production of cotton in Nigeria: and to expose any acts by anybody whosoever which the association considers inimical to the interests of the industry, and report such acts to the appropriate government or law enforcement agencies
  6. To promote and support the existing or proposed legislation, ordinance, rules, and orders
  7. To promote the export and import of cotton in meeting local demand
  8. To collect, collate, exchange and disseminate statistical data and other information relating to the cotton industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the legitimate interests of all those who trade cotton, whether buyer or seller. We will achieve this by:

Promoting a universal understanding of our principles and values Pursuing equitable trading practices through our by-laws & Rules Providing an impartial and effective dispute resolution service