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History Of NACOTAN


NACOTAN was established on the 22nd September 1997 for the primary purpose of promoting production, processing, marketing and development of the cotton industry in Nigeria. 

Nigeria when a group of cotton brokers created a set of bylaws and rules to help regulate the sale and purchase of raw cotton.

Today, the majority of Nigeria’s cotton is traded under NACOTAN by-laws & rules. The rules have changed with time, but their aim remains the same – to create a safe trading environment, enable farmers and improve the textile (Cotton Industry in Nigeria).

NACOTAN now has more than I00,000 farmers in its list of farmers that spans all corners of Nigeria and members that represent all sectors of the supply chain.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To bring together all parties the value chain members involved in the production, processing, marketing, trading, commerce in the cotton industry in Nigeria.
  2. To promote order and discipline in the production, trade, commerce in the cotton industry in Nigeria
  3. To promote and protect the agricultural, industrial, commercial and allied business activities in connection with cotton in Nigeria
  4. To promote, maintain and enhance the high-quality standard of cotton;
  5. To encourage increase production of cotton in Nigeria: and to expose any acts by anybody whosoever which the association considers inimical to the interests of the industry, and report such acts to the appropriate government or law enforcement agencies
  6. To promote and support the existing or proposed legislation, ordinance, rules, and orders
  7. To promote the export and import of cotton in meeting local demand
  8. To collect, collate, exchange and disseminate statistical data and other information relating to the cotton industry

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the legitimate interests of all those who trade cotton, whether buyer or seller. We will achieve this by:

Promoting a universal understanding of our principles and values Pursuing equitable trading practices through our by-laws & Rules Providing an impartial and effective dispute resolution service